North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association

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P.O. Box 40107  -  Jacksonville, FL  32203

Join Us / Code of Ethics

An Explanation of Membership
(According to Article V of the NFACCA by-laws)

Membership of the association shall be of three classes.

1. Regular / Contractor
2. Associate
3. Honorary

Annual Membership Descriptions and Dues

Regular/Contractor Member:  Any firm lawfully engaged and licensed in heating, air conditioning, ventilation or mechanical contracting as their principal, established business. 
$470 - 1-5 Employees
$570 - 6-14 Employees
$770 - 15+ Employees

Associate Member:  Any firm, corporation or individual, not a licensed contractor.  

Honorary Member:  Shall be normally bestowed upon an individual with no membership fee.

Dues are billed on your membership anniversary month each year.



In order to uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the AIR CONDITIONING profession and in keeping with high standards of ethical conduct:

Section 1The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will be guided in all his professional relations by the highest standards of integrity, and will act in professional matters for each client or employer as a faithful agent or trustee and will strive to increase the competence and prestige of the Air Conditioning Industry.

Section 2 The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will admit and take responsibility for his own errors and refrain from distorting the facts in an attempt to justify his actions.

The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will comply with all rules, regulations and ordinances governing his Industry.

The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will not attempt to attract an employee from another employer by unfair methods.

Section 3The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will have proper regard for the safety, health, welfare and property of the public in the performance of his professional duties. He will notify the proper authority of any observed conditions, which endanger public health.

Section 4 – The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will not advertise his work in a manner likely to discredit or unfavorably reflect upon the dignity or honor of the profession. Misleading advertising, implications or practice shall be considered a violation of the Code of Ethics.

Section 5 – The AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR will not attempt to injure, maliciously or falsely, directly or indirectly, the reputation, prospects, practice or employment of another AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR. If he believes that another member contractor is guilty of unethical practices, he shall submit such information to the Ethics Committee of this Association. A member found guilty of violation of the above Code of Ethics may be suspended or expelled from the Association after a proper hearing.